fundi [foon-dee] 
S African an expert [Nguni (language group of southern Africa) umfindisi] 
I am your African Travel Expert, here to guide you through the mire and pitfalls of planning travel to the most intriguing place in the world, Africa, The Dark Continent. Uganda,  One of National Geographic Traveler’s, “50 Places of a Lifetime: The World’s Greatest Destinations, Part II,” October 2009, and Rwanda, the place of mysterious and rare Mountain Gorillas. Tanzania and Kenya, home to the Great Migration and snow capped Kilimanjaro. Ghana and Senegal, with the history and routes of the slave trade along with great beaches. Then there is Botswana, home to the First Lady Detective, along with fabulous wildlife and canoe safaris. Of course no trip to Southern Africa would be complete without seeing the Big Five in South Africa, Kruger National Park and Cape Town along with a host of soft and hard adventure activities. Add a two day minimum excursion to Victoria Falls for a helicopter flip over the falls and an Elephant Back Safari and you have memories you will never forget. 
After all this you will need to unwind from the exhilaration so a stop in Mozambique, known world wide for its famous beaches and luxury accommodations, is your perfect stop. In East Africa go to Zanzibar after a Tanzania safari or Lamu Island after a Kenya Safari.
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