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What is the Tanzanian Experience?

Whenever you travel in Africa’ the openness and welcoming of its people captivate the soul, when you visit Tanzania it is not different, but the memories of friendship endure for generations.

While on Safari in Tanzania

  • Visit Africa’s oldest and iconic national Park, the Serengeti, home to almost 4 million animals
  • Be a live spectator of one of Earth’s legendary wildlife migrations, The Great Migration
  • Experience African’s open savannah, swamps, rivers, and endless plains right out of a Hemingway Novel
  • Trek for and observe of some of earth largest wild chimpanzees and primate communities in areas that famous primatologist Jane Goodall began her research
  • Discover the undistributed, hidden but abundantly rich wildlife habitats of Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha and Katavi National Park
  • Be surprised at the diverse and abundant wildlife species, offering you some of the continent’s best wildlife viewing
  • Look for, spot and see all of Africa’s Big Five animals in multiple places through the country
  • Visit biosphere that regardless of year you visit, you are guaranteed to see wildlife and learn about the existence of early human species
  • Get the best of both land wildlife and marine life on Africa’s only ocean front wildlife sanctuary


On safaris stay in:

  • Opulently decorated tented camps, where not only do you have the best of both world: extreme comfort, but serene nature around you
  • Camouflaged lodges with 5 star services perched on the Crater’s edges
  • Unique accommodations perched in a baobab trees
  • Mobile camps that move with the migration


Beyond the game drives, experience Tanzania’s wildlife habitats

  • By foot on walking safaris with professional guides, park ranger or cultural guide
  • From hidden outlook posts
  • On horseback
  • On an electrifying pre-dawn balloon ride followed by a champagne breakfast
  • Glide through the air from point to point on a charter flying safari
  • With a bicycle excursion
  • On a boating cruise down the great Rufiji River, where you can see abundant crocodiles, hippos, the elusive animals like leopard


Beyond the 15 national parks dedicated solely to the protection of wildlife and their habitats, you can

  • Hike multiple routes to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak
  • Dive and snorkel in Tanzania’s underwater gardens and marine parks
  • Learn about a customs, dances and traditions from over 120 ethnic groups
  • Experience the high-energy dancing and singing of Tanzanian’s annual festivals
  • Savor the Swahili cuisine in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town
  • Escapes to some of East Africa’s best beaches on the Indian Ocean



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